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SIKU World Parkkitalo 5505

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Siku World 5505 Parkkitalo

Kolmikerroksinen parkkitalo, mukana 1 kpl auto.

Koko 44,4 x 70,0 x 50,5 cm

Ikäsuositus 3v+

The SIKUWORLD is growing upwards. The multi-storey car park which projects three floors above the SIKUWORLD provides a brightly coloured emphasis to the SIKU playroom, which children will love. It can easily be integrated into the SIKUWORLD, and can also be played with as a free-standing multi-storey car park. The orange Porsche convertible included in the set glides upwards in the lift in order to use one of the spacious numbered parking spaces. The descent is very fast, because the vehicle travels down without stopping, from the top floor to the exit barriers. The unique SIKUSlide-Line integrated into the descents provides a lively descent for the high quality SIKU vehicles with rubber tyres. By integration into the SIKUWORLD assembly system, the car park can be extended at any time. Simple and robust push-in connections make rapid assembly and dismantling possible at any time. Length: 444 mm width: 700 mm height: 505 mm

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