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QUERCETTI Georello Park,2338


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Learn about simple mechanics in a fun and creative way. With Georello Park you can build a fantastic park with people, animals, trees, and a spinner. Interlock the blocks to make a base and use the connectors to insert the gears so they can all move at the same time. Then add all the characters, decorate them with pegs, and finally turn the crank to get everything moving and enjoy the spectacular chain reaction effect.

  1. 48 pegs (15 mm diameter) in 6 different colours
  2. 4 palm trees
  3. 1 spinner
  4. 3 characters
  5. 8 animals
  6. 6 small gears
  7. 1 large gear
  8. 6 middle gears
  9. 12 interlocking plates
  10. 20 connectors
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