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BRUDER Krampe Peräkärry 02225

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BRUDER KRAMPE Halfpipe perävaunun jämäkkä rakenne sekä muotoilu pitävät kuorman vaunun keskellä, joten perävaunun kuljettaminen on tasaisempaa kuin perinteisten laatikkomallisten vaunujen. Lastin paikalleen sulkee moniosainen telki. Bruder – Krampe-kippivaunu Bruder-sarjan kestävien maatalouskoneiden uusin tulokas, jossa on Krampe-kippivaunu, jatkettavat kolmiportaiset sylinterit ja moniportainen kippi. Kaksoisakselilla varustetussa Krampe-kippivaunussa on avautuva peräluukku, taittuva tukijalka ja profiloidut renkaat.

Mittakaava 1:16

Ikäsuositus 3v.+

• tilting halfpipe trough
• extendible cylinders with 3-step ratchet action
• tailgate can be opened
• fold-out support leg
• profiled tyres

Halfpipe tipping trailers are becoming increasingly popular for applications that require efficient earth movements. A tractor-trailer unit made up of a powerful tractor and a halfpipe tandem axle trailer is now often given priority over a lorry especially when the subsoil is boggy and difficult. However, you will also frequently encounter this type of trailer in agriculture today.
The BRUDER model is distinguished by its rich-in-detail design and brings the same powerful earth moving capacity to the sandpit that the original offers in real life.
Thanks to its sturdy construction and a design the keeps the loaded goods perfectly centred, the vehicle’s centre of gravity remains in the middle and guarantees a level of driving stability that cannot be achieved with box-shaped bodies. Since the tipping cylinder is arranged at the centre in front of the trough, the original benefits from an exceptional transmission of force into the trough during the tipping process. Boasting a visual appeal that is second to none, the model takes advantage of this arrangement as well thanks to the multi-step ratchet, which makes playing with this model an even more engrossing experience. The Krampe halfpipe tandem axle tipping trailer is yet another highlight in our line of farming trailers.

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