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BRUDER Eläinkuljetusvaunu 02227


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Pakkaus sisältää eläinkuljetusvaunun ja yhden lehmän.

Ikäsuositus 3v.+

– Platform can be lowered

– Suitable for combination with Bruder vehicles featuring standard trailer coupling and tractors
– Includes one cow, space for six Bruder cows/bulls/horses
– Division gate
– Doors can be opened, roof can be removed for playing
– Recommended age: suitable from 3 years for playing indoors and outdoors
– Manufactured from high-quality plastics, such as ABS
– Made in Germany
– Scale 1:16

In spring, many cattle herds are taken to pastures where they spend the summer. For this purpose, farmers need special cattle trailers to guarantee suitable transport conditions for the animals. Such a versatile cattle transport trailer has now been added to the BRUDER range. Just like the original, our model at a scale of 1:16 can lower its platform to facilitate (un)loading the animals and features a gate. The roof and doors are easy to open and the trailer is compatible with all tractors and vehicles with standard trailer coupling. One cow is already included in the delivery scope, the trailer provides space for a total of six animals from our range of accessories (item no. 2308, 2309 and 2306).

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