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BRUDER 60020 Työmies ja työkalut


Saatavuus: Varastossa

Tuotetunnus (SKU): 60020
EAN: 4001702600204
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Bruder 60020 bworld työmies ja 6 kpl työkaluja. Aidon oloiset liikuteltavat työkalut, kypärä ja liivi irroitettavia.

Korkeus 10,7 cm

Ikäsuositus 4v.+

• construction worker with high-visibility vest and hard hat
• jackhammer
• tools

• 3-dimensional moveable limbs and head
• hands can grasp objects or hold onto vehicles

BRUDER’s product line offers a host of products – from trucks to construction machinery, excavators, cranes and much more – which include even the most minute detail of the originals. Complementing this range in an ideal way are toy figures which add an element to the toy landscape that makes playing in it even more fun and realistic, encouraging children to engage in role play and nourish their creativity. The construction worker with accessories is the ideal supplement to any construction vehicle that is part of the product line. Just to be “safe”, we included a hard hat and a high-visibility vest to allow the worker to start working right away. The set also includes a jackhammer as well as five additional tools, allowing the children to engage in a multitude of play scenarios. The high-visibility vest and the hard hat can be detached.

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