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Monopoly Nostalgia Wooden Box

Hinta:129.00 €

Monopoly Nostalgia Wooden Box

Julkaisuvuosi - Copyright 2001

Englannin kieli - English language

2-6 pelaajaa - players

Ikäsuositus - Recommended age 8v+

6 kpl pelinappuloita - 6 pcs tokens

All Aboard!

Take a ride with MR. MONOPOLY back through the decades. The journey begins in the 30's, when the MONOPOLY board game was born. during the depression, into wartime, and at each stop in America's history, the MONOPOLY game was there! This special nostalgia edition brings that history to life, and reminds us why the MONOPOLY game has been America's favorite board game since 1935.

In the 50's, America lived for fun - there were sock hops, drive-ins, rock n' roll... and the MONOPOLY board game! This collectible wooden package brings back the playful railroad cover art from the 1957 edition, when guys were cool and gals were swell. Slide out the cover and you'll find vintagelook components, a built-in banker's tray, and a visual history of the decades as the MONOPOLY board game has been rollin' along - from the 30's right up through the new millenium.

So hop aboard and travel down memory lane with this timeless MONOPOLY edition!

This special Nostalgia edition includes:

  • Nostalgic Game board
  • Vintage Chance, Community Chest and Title Deed cards.
  • 'Aged' Monopoly Money.
  • Six antique Bronze finish tokens.
  • Wooden houses and hotels.
  • Built-in wooden banker's tray and storage area.
  • Two ivory colored dice.
  • Monopoly History.


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