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SIKU Kaupunkialoituspakkaus 5501

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Siku 5501 – Kaupunkialoituspakkaus 

Rakenna oma kaupunkisi! Sikun kaupunkialoituspakkauksessa on kaikki tarvittava aidontuntuisen kaupunkimaiseman rakentamiseen. Pakkaus sisältää 9 painettua katuosaa (Yhden katuosan koko 27 x 27 cm), 4 kokonaista liitäntäpainiketta, 8 puolikasta liitäntäpainiketta, huoltoaseman bensapumppuineen, toimiston ja autopesulan, 2 katulamppua, 3 puuta, 1 ajokaistan yläpuolisen viitan, 6 liikennemerkkiä, 4 liikennevalot, 2 sovitinta ja 3 autoa.

Mittakaava 1:50

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Now, new life is breathed into the play world for the SIKU Farmer and SIKU Super series! The brand new play system from SIKU WORLD makes way for even more imaginative playtime fun. The “City” starter set product premiere has everything you need to create an automotive city scene based on real life scenarios. So your personal and even more creative Diorama world is achievable and offers new inspiration for active play with SIKU die-cast models. Nine street elements turn the new basic set into a square cityscape, quadratic street scene or industrial zone – it’s up to the gaming imagination of the players! Basic street elements can be securely combined and paired at the corners. Thanks to the flexible format, various play scenarios can be created, and more can be added to give unlimited scope! The basic set guarantees a variety of designs. A SIKU petrol station is included in the “City” starter set as well as trees and street lamps that can be positioned using multi-functional fixing points. Of course authentic lettering helps create the realistic look at the cross-roads with street markings and zebra crossings. The versatile SIKU models from the Super and Farmer series also have an innovative play environment. The starter set guarantees numerous additional features thanks to expansion of SIKU WORLD in future. A key bonus: the play world can be modified to suit any scale or theme! With SIKU WORLD children’s imagination gains new building blocks for even more creativity!


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