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BRUDER Scania R-sarjan konttikuorma-auto ja trukki,03580

Hinta:79.90 €102.90 €


BRUDER 03580 Scania R-sarjan kolmiakselinen kuorma-auto, jossa on irrotettava kontti ja haarukkatrukki. Siinä on taittuvat sivupeilit, avattavat ovet ja polykarbonaatista valmistetut ikkunat. Kontissa on taitettavat tukijalat ja takaosassa heiluriovet.

Mitat: 52 x 18.5 x 26.5 cm

Ikäsuositus 4v.+

- cabin windows made of transparent and high-quality polycarbonate
- folding outside mirror
- doors can be opened

- fold-out support legs
- rear swing doors can be opened
- container can be disassembled into individual parts

- tread tyres

- Lorry-mounted forklift with steering, 2-part lifting mast, cable deflector, tilt function, adjustable fork width and profiles tyres

- Compatible with figure
- WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard - small parts.
- Recommended age: suitable from 4 years upwards for playing indoors and outdoors
- manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS
- Made in Germany
- Scale 1:16

The Scania R series stands for economy and drive. BRUDER offers a version featuring three axles, a container swap trailer and a lorry-mounted forklift. The container superstructure of the tractor can be disassembled into its components and has fold-out support legs and rear swing doors. The driver's cab sports the dynamic design that it typical of Scania. The lorry includes, of course, foldable wing mirrors and glazing made of high-quality polycarbonate as well as doors that can be opened and offers an expansion option for the Light and Sound Module.


Varoitus: Ei sovellu alle kolmevuotiaille, sisältää pieniä osia. Tukehtumisvaara.