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BRUDER Case IH Optum 300 traktori ja Krampe Halfpipe kippiperäkärry,03199

Hinta:69.90 €119.00 €

Case IH Optum 300 CVX traktori
Korkeus: 18cm
Leveys: 20,5cm
Pituus: 34,5cm

Krampe Halfpipe kippiperävaunu
Korkeus: 49cm
Leveys: 21,2cm
Pituus: 18,8cm

Traktorissa avattava konepelti, lasitettu hytti, jossa avattavat ovet. Etupyörien ohjaus ratista, paketissa mukana ratti pidennys, jolla rattia voidaan kääntää kattoluukun kautta. Keinuva etuakselisto. Takana ja edessä kiinnitysmahdollisuus lisälaitteille. Kaksoisakselilla varustetussa Krampe-kippivaunussa on avautuva peräluukku, profiloidut renkaat ja taittuva tukijalka.

Ikäsuositus 3v.+

drivers cab:
- engine bonnet can be opened
- doors can be opened
automotive body:
- detachable front weight
- Tow coupling with height-adjustable lifting gear
- receiver for front loader
- all-terrain oscillating axle
- steerable and off-road front axle
- tread tyres
- Detachable wheels
- additional steering rod allows steering through the sliding tractor roof
inkl. Krampe tandem halfpipe tipping trailer, Art.-Nr. 02225:
- tailgate can be opened
- folding stabilizer
- tread tyres
- Recommended age: suitable from 3 years upwards for playing indoors and outdoors
- manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS
- Compatible with figure
- Made by Bruder
- Scale 1:16

The Optum series offers powerful, compact and extremely agile tractors with an outstanding performance weight. These models master any challenge with maximum output, efficiency as well as reliability and impress with their new design. In terms of design, functionality and quality the new BRUDER model at a scale of 1:16 owns up to it all, in line with the company's motto "just like the real thing". The cab is fully glazed and features easy-to-open doors. The folding bonnet provides access to the impressive engine. Excellent handling and ride comfort thanks to the installed oscillating axle as well as the steering wheel extension that is inserted through the roof. Enhance the model and attach a slip-on front loader (item no. 03333) and twin tyres (item no. 03317). The new, detachable wheels add to the fun. The enclosed trailer is characterised by its detailed design. Just like the original, it boasts the same benefits to move mountains of earth in the sand pit. Robust design and a shape to ideally balance loads make sure the centre of gravity is as central as possible to achieve better handling stability compared with box-shaped bodies. The tilt cylinder is arranged in the centre of the tipper body which gives the original outstanding force application values to lift the body for tilting. The model also boasts this feature as well as the ability to lock the cylinder in certain positions which adds to the experience and ensures an unrivalled appearance. It goes without saying that all BRUDER agricultural trailers and equipment are compatible with this tractor. This model is also compatible with the optional light and sound module (item no. 02802) to enhance the fun.


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