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SIKU Claas Ares 697 ATZ Traktori etukuormaajalla 3656

Hinta:39.80 €43.00 €


Siku 3656 Claas Ares 697 ATZ etukuormaimella

Mittakaava 1:32

Mitat 23 x 7,8 x 10,6 cm.

Ikäsuositus 3v+.

Claas Ares tractor with mobile front loader, functioning dumper mechanism and alternating system at front loader. The loading arm is fitted with a tipper. The engine bonnet is easily opened, despite the front loader. The model is fitted with all the typical SIKU details such as rotating axle, axle steering and roof steering as well as removable cabin.


Varoitus: Sisältää pieniä osia, ei sovellu alle kolmevuotiaille . Tukehtumisvaara.