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SIKU MB Sprinter Huoltoauto 1995

Hinta:24.90 €28.00 €

Siku 1995 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Claas huoltoauto

Mittakaava 1:50

Koko 11 x 4 x 5 cm

Ikäsuositus 3v+

During harvesting, flexible and rapid on-the-spot servicing is very important for the machinery. Even during harvesting in the playroom, assistance can now be provided to the machinery out in the fields by the new service vehicle. The Mercedes Sprinter in Claas design is equipped with 4 doors and a sliding door for opening. The interior is depicted with tool cabinets. A sack truck with an oil drum is provided with the model as an accessory, and naturally it can be loaded and transported.


Varoitus: Sisältää pieniä osia, ei sovellu alle kolmevuotiaille . Tukehtumisvaara.