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SIKU Poliisiauto 2313

Hinta:16.90 €19.90 €

Siku 2313 Mercedes Sprinter Poliisiauto

Mittakaava 1:50

Koko 12,3/5,6/3,4 cm.

Ikäsuositus 3v+.

The new Mercedes Sprinter, estate vehicle, is the basic model. Driver and passenger doors open, as well as the passenger side sliding door and both rear doors. The model has alloy wheel rims, with twin tyres at the rear axle. The basic silver colour with blue stripes and surfaces includes police lettering. Blue alarm light and two individual blue lights complete this high-quality model.


Varoitus: Sisältää pieniä osia, ei sovellu alle kolmevuotiaille . Tukehtumisvaara.